About us

QcGoldtech is a Quebec-based company that is fully committed to its environmental responsibility with a strong emphasis on being socially responsible. To that end, we have set up our operations around four key values that guide all our actions:

Quality | Trust | Integrity | Respect

The company stands out for its humanistic and collaborative approach to the com- munities where it has set up three production sites supporting, among other things, the local organizations and working actively to build positive community relations.

This approach also extends to research organizations to support the development of the knowledge base on cannabinoids’ effects on humans and society.

In a nutshell, here at QcGoldtech, giving back is second nature!

Our offering

The cannabis products developed by QcGoldtech come from strains of cannabis carefully selected and cultivated by a dedicated team in our indoor facilities, but also from our outdoor cultivation site on an island in the St. Lawrence River. They have been distributed at the SQDC since February 2021, for people over 21.

Our products include:

  • Dried and Miled flowers
  • Prerolls
  • Oil and Kief

The company also plans to market processed products such as herbal teas.

Prepared in its facilities from recipes developed by our experts, these products are intended for regulars but also for non-traditional customers who want to benefit from the calming, relaxing and pain-relieving effects of cannabis, without its undesirable effects (smoke, odors).

Medical cannabis

Holder of a sales license for medical cannabis issued by Health Canada, QcGoldtech is currently developing its medical cannabis offer using products from our outdoor cultivation site.

You have questions, you want to get involved in our development, contact us.

Production sites

QcGoldtech has three production sites. The Saint-André-Avellin and Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix sites in the Outaouais region are used for in-plant growing and processing. The Bouchard Island site, along the St. Lawrence River, opposite Saint-Sulpice in the Lanaudière region, is for its main outdoor cultivation.