Give back | for a better future

The team members are firmly committed to ensuring that the reputation and credibility of the company rests on its commitment to the community. They believe that access to recreational cannabis must be within the regulatory framework put in place by governments in order to ensure better control of its consumption and to reduce if not eliminate consumption outside legal distribution channels, while putting emphasis on preventing abuse in order to protect the vulnerable.

QcGoldtech plans to set up a Foundation, which will be financed by its sales profits and will eventually support social and community organizations that help people suffering from drug addiction.

What have we done so far…



We have established a collaboration with the Center for the Study of Chemical Processes of Quebec at Collège de Maisonneuve, as part of their cannabis research license.

Université de Montréal

We are finalizing preliminary agreements with the University of Montreal to learn more about the properties and effects of cannabis.

Field study

We are also studying our participation in a field study on the long-term effects of a cannabinoids-based treatment (Cbd).​



The Foundation supported the 13th and 14th edition of the exhibition FemmeExpo, at the Center d'action culturelle de la MRC de Papineau, in Montebello.